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Again, adding to difficult home dynamics for desired behaviour to be practiced.

Other challenges highlighted globally, include the possibility of other cognitive challenges and sensory integration problems (both of which would need specialist consultation for assistance) as well as some subtleties.

It helps children know what is to be expected and gradually helps them to learn how to control their own behaviour.

They learn best when they feel safe and secure and good behaviour is encouraged.” So, encouraging healthy desired behaviour in a safe way, is the fundamental goal.

She then joins his travels and gives him two lovely children who prove vital to the world's future...

A deeply moving and great story following a boy through his life, with the addition of Mons (for the better, and this game preceded games (not the mainstream ones, at least).

Anxiety would grip my insides as I knew that the first tantrum of the day would soon be inevitable.

Throw a deaf (and here I’m referring to the wide spectrum of hearing loss) kid in the mix, and consider that statistics show that more than 90% of deaf kids are born to hearing parents.

Then consider that most of these hearing parents are unfamiliar with deafness, fraught with grief at least initially, overwhelmed by the road that lies ahead, whilst burdened by the myriad of decisions that obstruct their immediate view of what actually does lie ahead, and yep there’s a recipe for potential chaos.

Swinging around the kitchen to fling open all the doors (and fridge) for all the potential edible options to be in view, so that the girls’ pointing could at least serve as a form of communication as to what they wanted to eat, I’d stand back and hope that what they wanted was in view, because if it wasn’t, all hell would break loose, due to the frustration of not knowing how to ask for something that was out of sight.

Cupboard doors would get slammed whilst we desperately tried to gather the odd item and convince them that honey was delicious…if honey was not what was wanted…not much would calm the storm.

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