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On the October the 04th Fr Chinnappan was invited by a director of a secondary school in a village Opalenie, Poland, where he taught the students how to meditate in a Christian way.

What is traditional Polish wedding is like and what you should know about it before hand?Instead of throwing her veil or her bouquet the bride may throw a handful of straw at the young unmarried women. It is a speedy and fun dance for the couple, and the guests may join in. Men in the gathering can pay some money to have their dance with the bride.Every girl tries to be the first one to get a straw on her. The symbolism of this one of the Polish wedding ceremony traditions is pretty similar to that with the flowers. This tradition marks the passing of the woman from girlhood to her womanhood.On the other hand, some of them can perfectly fall in line with yours. Some guests in Poland can be invited to the wedding ceremony at the church or the city registry. This is a pretty common thing to happen, so you can save some money on getting many guests witnessing the ceremony.Before you even get to be married, you should go through engagement. The couple goes over to her house, and the groom’s folks come along. They plan the wedding arrangements and have a little party with lots of food and booze. And just a few of them at your wedding party with food and drinks.

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