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We are now at the time for action and need our collective voices to mobilize our communities.We Choose All of Us, Kelly Miller Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence The Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI) was a national project created to enhance sexual assault outreach and services in dual domestic violence/sexual assault programs.On Saturday, over ten thousand Idahoans joined one of the eight Women’s March in Idaho – Boise, Driggs, Idaho Falls, Ketchum, Moscow, Pocatello, Sandpoint and Stanley.Signs with messaging from “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” to “Freedom and Equality for All” to “No One if Free Until Everyone is Free” filled Idaho’s streets.We will confront sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic comments and actions and create spaces through just policy where everyone is safe and can thrive…. King once said, the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.With all our weight and all our strength we must bend that arc and remain vigilant to protect the rights that we and those before us have worked so hard to manifest.For more information or for sexual assault specific training, please contact Jennifer.We also are working to bring the authors of the SADI findings here to Idaho this summer to expand upon this endeavor. Last week we reached out to programs across the state to hear your stories from the field.

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Tomorrow calls for action.” Idaho Coalition staff member Jennifer Martinez also spoke powerfully at the Women’s March on Idaho on the importance of protecting funding under the Violence Against Women Act and protecting and caring for our immigrant and undocumented community members.Stories of the need for services for parents and children impacted by violence.Stories of progress, of healing, and of resilience. It’s always inspiring to hear of the work being done across the state to support survivors of violence, and hearing so many stories at once was downright emotional and overwhelming!It was a historic moment in time in our state and across the county of people coming together to protect and care for all of our community members.The Idaho Coalition supported and participate in the Women’s March in Idaho – handing out buttons, posters, and calls to action to oppose any laws that discrimination or oppress any community and to encourage everyone to contact our federal congressional delegation to oppose the elimination of the Violence Against Women Act.

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