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"The Rhine combines every quality a river can exhibit.The rapidity of the Rhone, the breadth of the Loire, the rocks of the Meuse, the sinuosity of the Seine, the translucency of the Somme, the historical reminiscences of the Tiber, the regal dignity of the Danube, the mysterious influence of the Nile, the golden sands of the glittering streams of the New World, the phantoms of some Asiatic stream" - Victor Hugo.In conjunction with the first cross-border garden show in 2004, Kehl and Strasbourg linked the French and German banks of the Rhine with a "passerelle" - a bridge for the sole use of pedestrians and cyclists.© Peter Heck The second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam, Rotterdam, is the industrial heart of the country.Archaeological site located 10 kilometres to the East of Basel, the town of Augusta Raurica was founded at the dawn of the Christian era, in 5 BC.The oldest Roman town in the upper Rhine valley, it has more than 20 restored buildings, including the best-preserved ancient theatre in the north of the Alps and several Roman houses with restored interiors.

From the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, the Rhine has fostered a cultural and economic dialogue between the Alpine arc and Northern Europe for over 2000 years.The Gambsheim fish ladder, opened in 2006, is the largest in Europe.An observation room enables visitors to watch the salmon, eels, trout and river herrings on their way upstream.Where grain was once stored and milled, visitors will today find museums, restaurants and a marina - Mediterranean flair right in the centre of the city.The old harbour has been transformed into an ambitious urbanistically and architecturally attractive city quarter.

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