Dating of the canonical gospels

Early authorship allows the accounts to be fact-checked by those who were present and could expose the accounts as a lie.The gospels are the earliest ancient accounts describing the life of Jesus and the historical events surrounding His life.As we assess the transmission of any ancient narrative, it’s important to determine whether or not the account has been altered over time.The Chain of Custody related to the document’s transmission is incredibly important.We cannot fault the Gospel authors for their later conviction related to Jesus if they truly saw what they recorded in the Gospels, particularly the Resurrection.Bias comes down to motive, and motive always comes down to three driving desires: financial greed, sexual/relational lust, and the pursuit of power.Which side is referencing the account that was written earliest, is best corroborated, has been best documented over time and is least biased?

It’s my job as an investigator to make sure the witness was truly present (and in a position to see anything) before the witness takes the stand in front of a jury.Absent any of these driving motivations, ancient accounts ought to be received as unbiased.Every time I encounter an historical objection related to the Gospels, I expect there to be a wealth of information on both sides of the issue; skeptics will have written volumes and Christian apologists will have responded in kind.Do we have ancient copies of the document we can compare to one another or ancient references to the documents we can examine for content?The gospels are perhaps the best attested and collected ancient documents in history, and they are referenced early by church leaders such as Ignatius, Polycarp and Clement who attest to their content.

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