Diabetes dating service

I stopped dating him because he didn't care about himself.My step-daughter is a diabetic also and was diagnosed when she was 14. She's doing very well healthwise, but she does take care of herself and doesn't ignore any symptoms of problems. Having grown up with half of my family having diabetes, it is something that is almost a normal part of life for me, so I wouldnt be put off by it.They scan the pics, see the ones with no shirt in the bathroom mirror and click to the next profile.Not only are shirtless male pics not allowed on POF at all but most women find them rather repulsive. Its not that your a diabetic thats killing ya I promise.I went hungry for five hours, and was worried about him collapsing.Just as not all women are the same, I would like to point out that not all male diabetics are the same.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Unfortunately he did not bring enough food nor insulin for himself.

I had to give him ALL of my food when his blood sugar level dropped dangerously.

Did you expect one lady here to poll all of the other ladies and then post the results of that poll, or are you just another mentally deficient individual from the UK with no freaking clue?

I'm happy to have wasted one reply to your stupid post!

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