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They didn't come out and say anything because it made him feel and look good that people thought he was with a younger attractive woman. Probably, but only in a biblical sense I would imagine. Donโ€™t be confused because you havenโ€™t seen either one of them carrying nary a book, book mark, book light or book end."They're into literacy alright... Once you pass 35, a 13 year age difference isn't all that great. You know "Tiny Tot", our favorite Sharpton staffer, is just steaming mad right about now. Y'all know how I am surprised that you haven't feautured a story on the missing young black woman Mitrice Richardson.I think some in the blogosphere are being short sighted. This story deserves your attention and as much exposure as possible. We already knew that Sharpton likes to use black women as shields for bm protection but that article proved it.He also said she was salty because he wouldnโ€™t give her the magic stick. Get my new Free App- search for Lisa Raye in App Store or Google Play today!

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