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Want to know the average service time of all of those Hab players? Stevie won the Players’ Association award voted on by your peers, which, to me is the biggest thing […] and you can’t put Sergei Fedorov in Steve Yzerman’s category. Can someone get Mc Carty to piss in a Dixie cup IMMEDIATELY?

If you look who’s up there right now with banners is who should be up there. I think in terms of history of the Red Wings and how it’s presented, you look at the guys who are up there, the Sawchuks, the Delvecchios, the Lindsays, the Howes, the Abels, the Yzermans, the Lidstroms …

This dog excrement from the bottom of your shoe has the audacity to state that a sure first-ballot Hall of Famer shouldn’t have his jersey retired even though he played with the man while Mc Carty was either hungover, drunk, high or strung out, according to multiple sources.

I could go on and on about how his own sister didn’t invite him to her wedding just last year; the many people who have told me they witnessed him doing blow in PUBLIC; or how his current mark — errrr, I mean, wife — had to get PPOs against Mc Carty’s old running buddies.

Stay off my corners, MGo Brian.] Former Red Wings winger Darren Mc Carty obviously doesn’t adhere to the above Michael Corleone quote as he has spent most of his adult life taking sides against his various “families” via his abhorrent actions.

He continued this behavior when he took to the 105.1 airwaves earlier this week to disparage one of his ex-teammates.

Human debris who abandoned his first family in Detroit and then married another woman in Calgary whom he walked out on by sending a “Dear Jane” letter — but only after leaving her with ,000 in credit card debt from cash advances he used in the casino at which she worked. One day he was impregnating his first wife for the fourth time, the next day he was at the Stage Deli with some 20-year old WBHS grad.

Like, you’d think after napalming your family (wife, son, three daughters) back in West Bloomfield you would try to avoid ruining anyone else’s life for …. Blame this on his addictions all you want, the pattern was that of a sociopath.

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