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Feel free to download them for your personal use but do not solely rely on them for your exams, especially if the notes are not from your year, courses can (and will) change from year to year.Please email me any corrections that needs to be made.Florian immerses himself in an environment for several weeks at a time, studying wildlife behavior and interaction.His multi-media presentation weaves stories and images from his new book The Wild Edge, which reveals the great Pacific seam of North America.It is on Binary Quadratic Forms, Gauss Composition and Bhargava's Cube.It starts with a quick recap on Gauss composition before covering in details, with example, Bhargava's cube as discuss by Manjul Bhargava's 2004 paper on Higher Composition Laws I.The Conservation Alliance Breakfast is open to the public, so please bring a friend.Paris-based fashion and editorial photographer Florian Beaudenon shares his conceptual series ‘Instant Life’ with us. The instant life project was created after this idea.

Bergér started his aerobatic training at the flying school of current Red Bull Air Race World Champion Matthias Dolderer in Tannheim.

The training that he received was the foundation that led him to honours such as a third-place medal in the team competition at the European Aerobatic Championships and several individual medals in the Unlimited category of the German National Aerobatic Championships, including Vice German Aerobatic Champion (2016).

He has been representing his country at international competitions since 2014.

1) We will hopefully be able to reconstruct past short-term solar variability (e.g.

the ‘11-yr’ cycle) at timescales not reached before.

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