Idiots dating service

Disclaimer: If you are going to share this article to make excuses for a toxic relationship with which you are currently involved, please reconsider.

While I don't regret dating someone who turned out to be the complete opposite of what was expected, I am in no way condoning continuing to talk to or see these idiots.

Even if it was more serious of an issue, if you kept it in past and moved on, you're already winning. There is no use in wasting time beating yourself up over something dumb when something great is right around the corner (yes, I promise).

Don't hold it in, talk about it -- own your mistakes. Talking about the outrageous encounters I've had has cued raised eyebrows and dropped jaws in complete disbelief.

I am simply sharing with you why I do not see a point in being ashamed of my past (keyword: past), and why you shouldn't either.

You realize how far you're willing to go, and how thin you're willing to stretch yourself for someone you truly care about.

Although it may feel like you wasted your patience on the wrong person, that's OK -- it taught you more about yourself so you won't waste time making mistakes with the right person in the future.

OK, no, I did not have fun running back to the parking garage, alone, in the middle of a dimly lit and deserted city campus, but I did have fun on the first few dates. In fact, I wish them nothing but the best and can only hope that they, too, took the positives from our short-lived flings.

It always makes for an interesting conversation over dinner or drinks.

Yes, he really wore sweatpants to dinner, and yes, he really left me to walk to my car alone at midnight in the middle of downtown, three blocks away from my car.

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