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Jessica Biel took Justin Timberlake as her arm candy in January 2007. It didn’t look like it was in the cards for Jessica to be the second Justin Timberlake wife, and the couple broke up. Likely, it was working together on “Friends with Benefits” that brought the two into a romantic relationship.

As fate would have it, Justin and Jessica reunited in the summer of 2011.

' We just need to hang out and sit on the couch for a second." "I hope I'm inspiring to him," she said.

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With albums exceeding millions of sales, he’s one of the most accomplished singers of the era.

His personal dating life has been just about as diverse as his professional life. A look through this celeb’s ex-files indicates Britney Spears was his first love.

The two first met while working as kids on the Mickey Mouse Club.

star also stated that she was not Timberlake’s “rebound chick” after his relationship with then-girlfriend Britney Spears ended. “It’s not as salacious as everyone thinks.” even taken place. ” she exclaimed when asked about the mythic Timberlake-Spears event.

“It was in tabloids and everyone thought this happened.

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