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WATCH: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Joe Dempsie Reacts To ‘Saturday Night Live’ Parody “When I was cast, the character description was, ‘tall, muscular, with thick black hair.’ I was none of those three at that time,” he tells Laura Saltman as he sits down for a chat.

“I kind of thought, ‘I can die my hair and hit the gym, but I can’t do much about the shortness.’ So two out of three ain’t bad.

He’d gone back to his old life, but there’s a restlessness in him.

He bored of safety and wants adventure and he’s itching to get involved and then an opportunity presents itself.

They’re both still slightly scared and slightly fancy her, almost like they both have the same [evil] ex-girlfriend.

His return and his role have been an interesting addition to the gang.

The British actor (known for Skins), bundled up for his Jon Snow mission, was warmed up with some green tea in a trailer and chatted about the return of his character following years of fan curiosity about his absence. It’s been a meme-a-week, but I’m partly responsible for that by tweeting “still rowing” at the end of season 4.

When you imagine wanting to be an actor, these are the sort of pinch-yourself moments. They can also bond over their mutual Melisandre horrors.“We almost brought him back in season 6 and it didn’t quite work out.We definitely wanted him here for the big mission, and we wanted Robert Baratheon’s bastard son back into the show.more than anything.” He may not have physically resembled the part, but it’s easy to see why Joe was given the role of Gendry.In just a few scenes at the start of the Season 2, his performances – humorous, delightful and full of chemistry with co-star Maisie Williams (who plays Arya) – quickly made him a fan favorite.

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