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What we’re looking to do by the middle of next year is to offer a new program everyday on Media Take Out, so it’ll be seven new shows a going to be launching a week from Tuesday [Editor’s note: Tuesday Nov 1] and every Tuesday there’ll be a new episode.When you look at Media Take Out’s numbers, it’s obvious that it’s not just Black people who are going to the site so what do you think it is about the brand that has such a wide appeal even though it’s considered “urban? It’s the celebrity, the slang, the way of talking, the humor, I think it’s attractive, not just to Black folks but to everyone.When you look at the media, why is Black media so prolific? The Big Baller was clearly being careful with his words -- and for good reason -- since his son Li Angelo is still in the middle of an international incident after shoplifting in China. We'll be good," La Var said after touching down at LAX Wednesday night with his youngest son, La Melo.A lot of times there’s humor involved, there’s sexiness involved and of course there’s the Media Take Out snark involved.

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The quality of the shows we are going to be good enough to be on MTV, or VH1 or BET, this isn’t just some guy using a computer camera, this is real programming we’re looking to produce that’s going to have real actors that we know.If you go on Wednesday you’ll be able to see the old episode but every Tuesday there’ll be a brand new a really funny dating show where you have one guy choosing between three women, or one woman choosing between three guys, and take them on a series of dates and they try and make a love connection.Elaborate on some of the original programming that will be on Media Take Out.We’re starting off with reality but we’re going to be moving on to scripted stuff as well.

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