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"When these men approach these girls, they give in. Because the parents sometimes are far from them, they have no time to talk about sex education with them.

So when any man approaches them and they are ready to offer money in exchange for sex, they just say yes." Twelve-year-old Ivone, a student from the Mathare Community Development Education Center, is all too familiar with these exchanges. But me, I said no to sex, but some are poor and they want that, they tell those men to give them money, then they do sex." A 14-year-old friend, she says, has had sex with men her father’s age for money to buy napkins.

"When I’m just walking on the way, they call you," she says. "They did sex, then the men were not having money, they were just lying," says Ivone.

"Then, after doing sex, they left her there." Njoroge says resources in the slums are so scarce that it's often difficult for girls to find any kind of substitute materials.

The pastor says his sex A city pastor claims he has not had sex with his loving wife for over 10 years due to a rare health condition.

The pastor says his sex Naivasha town where a prostitute body was found Photo/Google Map The decomposing body of a woman said to be a commercial sex worker was found in her house in Naivasha, on Wednesday morning.

The couple’s daughter, Ms Grace Mbuthia, said that she received a call from Naomi Njeru informing her to go and check on her parents as she A new report shows that Kasarani, Kayole and slums are leading in sexual and gender violence.

The findings by Medecins San Frontieres (MSF) also reveals shocking figures of victims who have fallen prey to sex beasts in the city's informal settlements.

So the girl just goes [and] has sex with an older man, most of the time not the same man -- they would have one this month, another one next month, so they are very, very at risk of having HIV." In other words, for 40 shillings - about 50 cents - girls and young women repeatedly put their lives at risk.

“Most girls who engage in A couple has shocked neighbours in Mihango area of Nairobi’s Kayole Estate after they separated over their mismatched appetite.

The split, that came weeks after they got married in a church wedding, has been blamed on the husband’s poor bedroom skills and his wife’s humongous libido, A fortnight ago, a lengthy shouting match attracted neighbours to the couple’s house at night.

Neighbours and friends said they became concerned after not seeing the middle-aged woman for two weeks.

Roughly half of all girls in slums of Kenya have sex with older men in exchange for sanitary napkins.

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