Nrp obstetric dating and assessment

Those newly born infants who do not require resuscitation can generally be identified by a rapid assessment of the following 3 characteristics: If the answer to all 3 of these questions is “yes,” the baby does not need resuscitation and should not be separated from the mother.

The baby should be dried, placed skin-to-skin with the mother, and covered with dry linen to maintain temperature.

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Identifiable risk factors and the necessary equipment for resuscitation are listed in the The initial steps of resuscitation are to provide warmth by placing the baby under a radiant heat source, positioning the head in a “sniffing” position to open the airway, clearing the airway if necessary with a bulb syringe or suction catheter, drying the baby, and stimulating breathing. Other techniques for maintaining temperature during stabilization of the baby in the delivery room have been used (eg, prewarming the linen, drying and swaddling, placing the baby skin-to-skin with the mother and covering both with a blanket) and are recommended, but they have not been studied specifically (Class IIb, LOE C).

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Several studies have demonstrated that a cesarean section performed under regional anesthesia at 37 to 39 weeks, without antenatally identified risk factors, versus a similar vaginal delivery performed at term, does not increase the risk of the baby requiring endotracheal intubation.

With careful consideration of risk factors, the majority of newborns who will need resuscitation can be identified before birth.

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