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It is a wonderful option for ladies who are homemakers and cannot find time for regular workout Morning:​ Tea/Coffee 1 cup/skimmed milk 150 ml Breakfast:​ Idly medium size –3 /Veg Upma (wheat rawa with less oil) 11⁄2 cups with Sambar / Oats porridge with skimmed milk (1 bowl) or Vegetable sandwich (use brown bread with cheese on it) / phulka-3 with vegetables (good amount) Sweet dish - small cup (preferably less cream & fat added) Mid morning 10am- 11 am:​ Whole fruit –1 (apple, orange, papaya, Guava etc can be included) Lunch:​ Mid evening:​ Sprouts or chine chat –1 medium bowl (not seasoned)/ veg sandwich (2 slices)/ fruit -1 Dinner:​ Veg salad 200gms Phulka- 2 Veg curry – 2 cups or Dal with vegs 2 cups Curd- 1 cup Bed time:​ Skimmed milk- 1 cup A heart disease starts with other risk factors such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes or a family history of the same.

It maybe an acute MI(myocardial infarction) or angina that requires a full evaluation and wholesome treatment.

This help in saving a lot of time for busy individuals as well as match their fitness needs.

Apart from giving nutrition counselling and diet chart, online nutritionist helps individual to be motivated to reach their personal goals.

Online nutritionist therapy start with matching you with a certified nutritionist followed by a video or an audio call.

This allow the online nutritionist to know all about the lifestyle, food habits and preferences.

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In the acute phase signs of an acute MI or congestive heart disease or angina may be any: A healthy diet is an essential part of treating a patient with heart disease.

Nutritionist are health professional who help individual seeking advice with diet and lifestyle related issue, to help them make educated decision about food and other lifestyle choices. With growing number of lifestyle disease like diabetes, obesity etc, the need for personal nutritionist has become very important.

Online nutritionist are professional who consult and monitors their patient remotely via video, phone or chat support.

Limiting saturated fats, salts and sometimes water based on your condition, weight and average daily calorie consumption required as per allowance for height and weight a proper diet is provided to help cope up with the body’s needs.

Eating frequent meals with limited portion sizes and increasing fruits and vegetables(preferred raw) as well as whole grains are key elements in this process.

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