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Today we announce with mixed emotions that our very first extension — JCal Pro® — is moving to a new home at Joomla Shack (formerly Alledia).JCal Pro® started as a pet project by owner Victor Drover to maintain a private collection of bug fixes for the Mambo extension Ext Cal.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, fra 1998, har flere ganger blitt kåret til verdens beste videospill.På Metacritic har dette spillet hele 99 poeng, av 100 mulige.En fordel kassettene hadde over CD-platene var at man unngikk lange lastetider under spilling.N64-spill var derimot dyrere å produsere, og derfor også dyrere å kjøpe.Many are taught English in elementary school and these lessons are continued throughout their education.

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Dette gjaldt spesielt japanske spillutviklere som Squaresoft, Capcom, Namco, Konami og Enix.

They pay attention to the quality of a man rather than his age.

Religion is huge in the Philippines which is why many of the single women are conservative about sex.

Victor has decided to focus more of his time on Watchful and Tree Flame, and thus the move away from extension development.

And while the decision was a difficult one, we are extremely proud that Joomla Shack has stepped forward with such positivity and energy.

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