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loss of a sense of reality), and/or to a consequence of significant violent traumatization—such as that of early physical abuse, that contributes to the development of dissociative states of mind (i.e.

disavowal of reality, derealization, depersonalization). In short, as clinical psychiatrist Daniel Schechter has written, for a baby to develop into a troubled adolescent who then turns lethally violent, a convergence of multiple interacting factors must occur, that is "every bit as complicated..it is for a tornado to form on a beautiful spring day in Kansas." One "trait" that has not yet attracted as much attention is the gender difference: nearly all school shootings are perpetrated by young males, and in some instances the violence has clearly been gender-specific.

These shootings have happened in "suburban and rural school districts" and many seem to be random with random targets.

Most of these shooters tend to come from two-parent households and have been found to appear on the honor roll at their schools.

Once humiliated, victims never want to be a victim again and try to regain their image by joining groups.

Often, they are rejected by their peers and follow through by restoring justice in what they see as an unjust situation.

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71% of the control group thought that gun restrictions should be applied to people with mental illness, and nearly 80% of participants who read the articles agreed.A school shooting is a form of mass shooting involving an armed attack on an educational institution, such as a school or university. These shootings have sparked a political debate over gun violence, zero tolerance policies and gun control. Secret Service defines them as shootings where schools are "deliberately selected as the location for the attack".Mc Ginty and colleagues conducted a study to find out if people tended to associate the violence of school shootings with mental illness, at the expense of other factors such as the availability of high-capacity magazines.Nearly 2,000 participants read a news piece on a shooting in which the shooter is diagnosed as having a mental illness and who used high capacity magazines.

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