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PHOTOS: Adam Levine: More Than Just ' Man Candy' At the same time, Levine has parlayed that visibility into a booming business, with legions of young female fans and tentacles extending well beyond music.There's a fledgling acting career, with an arc on FX's opposite Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.

I always thought, ' Wow, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to pay your bills and be a musician?All of that is on top of Maroon 5's fourth studio album (released in 2012) and tour, both cheekily titled , suggesting Levine and his longtime bandmates are amused by his ubiquity."Adam is now a worldwide empire," says veteran music manager Irving Azoff, whose former Front Line Management counts Levine among its clients.In fact, Levine's growing portfolio likely will earn him more than million this year, according to sources familiar with his many business dealings, with NBC paying him million to million for each cycle of .STORY: ' Man Candy' to Mogul: Adam Levine, Inc.

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