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In the wake of a few efforts to develop a sustainable social club on the former Workmen's Circle camp property off Carbon Canyon Road east of Sleepy Hollow from 1958 to 1965, a new enterprise called Ski Villa was launched that was a strange concept: year-round skiing without snow.

A post in the early days of this blog (2008) discussed the project, but further information from the Chino Champion and Los Angeles Times gives some more details on the short-lived and bizarre enterprise.

This firm incorporated in 1959 under the leadership of president Phillip Randazzo and the business expected the life of the Dow polypropylene 205 6" tiles, sporting 408 bristles of 1 1/2" size, to last three years, though the Japanese at Funabashi were evidently expecting a twenty-year lifespan.

Because the enterprise was geared mainly towards night uses, there were to be "several spectator areas with high candle power lights illuminating the entire area." Hours were intended to be Wednesday through Friday evenings and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

The smaller structures behind the sign and the larger two-story building at the far right date from the Camp Kinder Ring days and were used by subsequent club occupying the site after 1958 and are still standing. Click on either image to see them enlarged in a separate window.

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The concept may sound similar to Speed Dating, but instead of attempting to date, you are just trying to get to know people.

Remember friendship is a gradual process, don't expect to be good friends right away.

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