Speed dating ottawa ontario

Love animals of all kind except children (with exceptions). I've been through a lot of hard ships in my life so i try to always find the positive out look in the situation. I take care of myself by eating well (most of the time... I enjoy wearing make up, but spend most days bare faced.

I swear (a lot), but I also have excellent manners and etiquette (and can keep my mouth shut when I need to lol).

I am sorry I can't read messages since I am not a paying member yet. At this time, I'm really only looking to make some friends.

If you are inexperienced or have been with another woman and would like to get together to see if there is any chemistry between us then please send me a message. --I love to sing, it's my favourite form of meditation.

Active, warm and friendly lady looking for another female to be intimate friends with. I am happily married and my husbsnd supports my decision to seek out another sexy beautiful woman. I have had so many fantasies about touching, caressing and kissing another woman to the point it takes my breath away. I do come out of my shell with time though ;) I think I have a pretty good sense of humour once I'm relaxed with a person.

I have had so many life changing moments in the last 5 years I thought its about time I live out my fantasy of being with another woman. -- I would like to say that I'm intelligent and witty, but in all honestly, I probably come off as anxious and awkward as a first impression, lol.

Don't get me wrong, I like the rest too, but it's a woman's face that I'm attracted to first. I care for myself physicly and mentaly, so I can carr for others. Caring is my strengh and my strength makes it easy for me to love anything that comes in my life, and I have a great sense of humour. I'm a recently separated 41 yo old single mom to an amazing 11 yo girl (however, I'm NOT a big kids person).

Of course, not all dates need food to be fantastic.

My living arrangement is complicated and things are still being worked out.

Just beginning to come out to some close friends and family, who have all been nothing but supportive.

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