Updating eclipse 3 4

This plug-in has been tested with Eclipse release 4.5 java package.It requires the 32 bit Eclipse version and an 32 bit JRE to run Eclipse with.For instructions about installing AVR-GCC for your particular distribution, see the instructions below.However, the AVR-GCC toolchains packaged for the various distributions tend to be very much out of date. if you are targeting one of the newer AVR processors) you probably have to build the toolchain yourself. Most Linux distributions are usually a bit, sometimes severely, behind the Eclipse release schedule.

updating eclipse 3 4-29

Most of these patches are maintained as part of the Free BSD ports collection.

This has currently not a high priority on my to do list.

But if you are really interested in this, i could reprioritize :-) Be aware that I only would supply the Plugin integration.

They do not include instructions for the latest patches, but a good alternative if you have problems with the other scripts.

Especially with the mess on Linux, where you have to build the toolchain yourself to get a somewhat recent version, I thought it might be a good idea to wrap a pre-build toolchain into an Eclipse Bundle (basically a plugin) and have the AVR Eclipse Plugin use it.

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