Who is john cena dating now in 2016

John Cena has not just been a babyface for years in WWE, but he’s been the ultimate babyface.

It’s been a long time since his “Doctor of Thugonomics” days and when he was able to pull off being the heel.

is reporting that John Cena’s merchandise sales being down is coming from the wrestler getting older and his fans doing the same.

It means they are buying less and some children are latching onto other popular wrestlers too.

his father is of Albanian and Italian descent whereas his mother Carol is of English and French Canadian descent. John has four brother and he is the second oldest among his brothers. Before the start of his career he worked as a driver in Limousine Company. The drop in his merchandise sales though…that is helping the WWE’s decision to do something that has been rumored for a very long time and it is to turn John Cena heel.It could make for great TV and would instantly boost ratings because it would not just be a change, but it would be something totally and drastically different.Currently, John Cena is on the shelf due to having shoulder surgery and he’s currently rehabbing, but it’s about 95 percent certain to keep him out of is reporting that a number of ideas are being tossed around for when Cena does return to the ring in a few months, and one of them is a major change for the hero of WWE.Could the company finally pull the trigger and turn John Cena heel?

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